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Who made my boots?

We work with two main groups of artisans, both highly skilled masters of their craft and proud to continue the traditions that have been passed down for generations. Our suppliers are small groups of independent artisans and we work to ensure the pay they receive is a fair reflection of the unique skills they have. We put our efforts in to building long-term, sustainable relationships that support the success of the surrounding communities; rather than endlessly searching for ways to save a dollar or two.

Meet the weavers of San Andrés

Each pair of boots incorporates a textile design that has been handwoven high up in the hills of Chiapas. We work with a group of 18 weavers, many of whom have been perfecting their trade for over 20 years after it was passed down to them from their mothers and grandmothers. For each pair of boots there are two or four separate pieces of textiles, each one taking around one day to complete.

Meet Andrés and his workshop

Our boots are all made in a small workshop in León, México’s shoe making capital. The workshop is a family business owned by Andrés that he shares with his brothers. Andrés started learning his trade from his grandfather when he was just 12 years old and has been perfecting it ever since. Making a pair of Fleece & Hide boots is a highly skilled process that takes 5 full days from start to finish.
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