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Product and sizing

How do I know what size to choose?
We know that a good fitting boot makes all the difference, so we want to help you pick the right size. We have a dedicated guide to helping you pick out the perfect fit for you.
What does it mean if a boot is made using the Goodyear Welt method?
All Fleece & Hide boots are made using Goodyear Welt construction, the gold standard for leather shoes and boots. At Fleece & Hide we’re here to make quality products that last and Goodyear Welt is the only option that truly delivers. 

The method involves two sets of stitches which make them easy to re-sole and water resistant. The first stitching fixes the upper piece of the boot to the sole using a strip of leather called a “welt”. The second stitching fixes the outside of the welt to the outsole, leaving the trademark band of stitching around the outside of the finished boot. 

Today most shoes skip these steps and simply glue the top piece to the sole, also known as cementing. A quicker and more efficient alternative means that once the sole starts to come away from the upper the boots can no longer be used and can’t be re-soled.
Are these boots waterproof?
Ahhh the questions we get a lot! The short answer is, water-resistant: yes, waterproof: no. But there is more to it than that, so hear us out. 

First thing is the Welt construction; the strip of leather between the upper and the sole helps create a barrier against water entering the shoe and is the most watertight of any shoe construction. So while these shoes will keep your feet dry on a rainy day, we don’t recommend splashing in puddles. 

No shoe can with a leather sole can claim to be waterproof, leather will naturally absorb a small amount of water once it is wet. We want our boots to be durable and long lasting and that is why we chose to cover the traditional leather sole with a layer of hard wearing rubber. 

Last thing to mention is the suede. The suede in our boots is 100% natural and does not have any chemical treatment applied to it. You should consider that while suede can get wet, it is more delicate than leather and more likely to leave marks once it is dry. So, whilst it can withstand a bit of rain, we’d recommend trying to keep it dry where possible. 

If you’re truly looking for a waterproof boot that you can wear through the rain, snow and mud – we'll be honest and say there are many other products out there that would be better suited for what you need. If you're looking for a handcrafted pair of boots with a splash of colour so that you don't have to wear your everyday boots, well everyday - we're right here!
How can I care for my boots?
Caring for your boots is an important step to make sure they will last and look great every time you put them on. We recommend the following steps in order to keep them in great condition: 

- Clean them regularly to remove dirt and scuffs. This can be done with a brush or even the green part of a dishcloth. You want to brush gently in order to smooth out the fibres of the suede. 

- The finish on our boots is 100% natural. You might choose to apply an extra layer of protection and if so there are plenty of great products available. We would recommend making sure the product is colourless and natural. Be aware that applying this may alter the colour of the suede slightly, however once dry it should return to its original shade. 

- The leather part of the sole is likely to mark quickly after you start wearing your boots, this is completely normal. The finish of a leather looks great; however, it is a soft material so does mark easily when in contact with coarse surfaces or when it gets damp. This is another reason we chose to use a mostly rubber sole, leaving just a small window of the full leather finish.       
What type of socks are best for these shoes?
Socks can make a big difference to the fit of a boot so keep this in mind when you are trying on a new pair. Think about what type of socks you would typically wear (if any). A think cotton sock or a think woollen sock can make a difference when it comes to fit.

We think the men's boots style best with a think pair of cotton socks and the women's pair best with thin ankle socks, or none at all. But that's just our opinion its totally up to you and what feels more comfortable.

And one lat think, for the men's design specifically; remember to pull up your sock so there are no creases, this will stop you from catching any of the fabric when you do up the zip. 

Shipping and returns

How much is shipping?
We charge a flat rate for shipping: 

Shipping to an address in Canada: $10 
Shipping to an address in United States: $15 

Please note that for any shipments outside of Canada your package may be subject to applicable customs duties, taxes and charges. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for these charges upon receipt of the shipment.
Where do you ship to?
Currently we are only offering shipping to addresses in Canada and the Unites States. We have ambitions to grow and we know we already have some fans in Europe. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping from Canada to Europe is too high for us to be able to offer you something that is appealing. We’re working hard to find other ways of increasing our distribution. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any updates!    
Can I return the boots if they don’t fit?
Absolutely! We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and be confident that you have a pair of boots that you will wear for years to come. We offer returns and a full refund on any product as long as it is returned within 30 days and is unworn. We will refund the amount of the original product, minus any shipping costs. Return shipping costs are at your own expense to Vancouver, Canada and we recommend tracked shipping for extra peace of mind. For our full return policy, please click the following link.     


How can I learn more about the partnership with Escalera?
Say no more. If part of your purchase is going towards supporting a cause we want to be as transparent as possible to show you where that money is going and how its being used. Here is some more information on our partnership: 

For every pair of boots that we sell we donate $5 to Escalera an NGO that supports high school education specifically in indigenous communities of Chiapas. The money that we donate supports their Reach program which provides students with the financial support to stay enrolled in high school and graduate. 

This program is tailored to the needs of the most vulnerable families from Los Altos, Chiapas. In this region, families do not have the liquidity to pay upfront costs related to high school enrolment (exam fees, school supplies, transport). This is an entry barrier that is not addressed by any other public or private scholarship program. By providing scholarships before the start of every semester, Escalera makes sure that students can actually choose to continue into high school. Once enrolled, students maintain this scholarship for the three years of high school, as long as they stay enrolled at school. 

Escalera has access to grants and corporate investors which cover operational expenses, that means 100% of the donations from Fleece & Hide go directly into their education programs. To find out more about the work they do you can follow these links: 

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