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Handmade is worth the wait

Handwoven Textiles

Our textile designs are all made in collaboration with a small group of weavers in the Mexican state of Chiapas. 

The shapes and colours of each design are carefully put together so they have maximum impact when part of the final boot. Once final these designs are meticulously woven, thread by thread using techniques passed down through generations.

Handcrafted Boots

Our boots are made in a small workshop in the Mexican city of León, where a select few continue to make leather boots the old fashioned way they learnt from their grandfathers.  

From cutting the leather to applying the polish, each step is carefully followed for a high-quality finish. 

Handmade from them to you

The result is a unique pair of leather boots, straight from their hands to yours and nothing in between.

Following these traditional methods takes time and patience. There is no mass production line, just small batch products made by our incredible artisans. Trust us, it's worth the wait!
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