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Our Story

México, it gets in your bones

Fleece & Hide was inspired by time living and travelling in México. México is a place that you don’t forget in a hurry, it stays with you and gets under your skin. The warmth and generosity of the people, their overwhelming sense of family and community and their pride in upholding ancient traditions: these are ideas worth spreading. 

Fleece & Hide is as much the person who wove the textile, cut the leather or stitched the sole as it is the person who proudly wears them on their feet.

Handmade is worth the wait

Fleece & Hide was founded because we know that better already exists. There are small pockets of the world where traditional, handmade methods endure in the face of mass production. By combining these talented artisans with a modern platform, we support their continued survival and provide conscious consumers with an alternative to fast fashion. Slow fashion is an idea worth spreading and an idea worth waiting for. 

If you’re looking for perfection, where every single stitch is identical you won’t find it here. What you will find are handcrafted products made by passionate artisans that take time to get right. There is no conveyor belt of shoes, just small batch products made for those who know it's worth the wait. 

Here you’ll find a product that is as unique as the regions it comes from and that makes a positive impact on the communities that uphold these traditions. A pair of Fleece & Hide boots is a meaningful purchase, one that connects you to people that made them and one that takes us a step in the right direction towards better. 
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